Wednesday, July 25, 2007

For Whom The Bridge Tolls

Is it just me, or does it sound like the master of the Forth Road Bridge might have his priorities a wee bit skewed here?

TAXPAYERS are set to get a £2million bill for removing the toll booths on the Forth Road Bridge - just a year after £5million of public cash was spent upgrading them.

Bosses are preparing to get rid of the booths after the SNP Executive scrapped tolls on the bridge.

And they are gutted at having to knock down their state-of-the-art "toll booth plaza", the most sophisticated of its kind in Britain.

The Forth Road Bridge's bridge-master, Alastair Andrew, said yesterday: "From a professional point of view, we have been focusing on delivering the most up-to-date tolling system in the UK.

"Having focused the team's efforts on that for the past two years, there is terrific disappointment that we have now been told to remove it before it can be used to its full capacity.

"But we just have to accept the will of parliament."


Julie Hepburn said...

This is desperate - even for the Daily Record.

What next?

Journalist complains that the new SNP government is too effective, because from a 'professional point of view' they have spent their entire career focussing on criticising the SNP and don't know how to write about the party in any other way...

Richard Thomson said...

It's comical, isn't it? And not a word of criticism for the idiots who allowed the upgrade to go ahead when a 'review' was underway.

BellgroveBelle said...

If more toll roads like the M6 get build, perhaps they could sell them on?

Richard Thomson said...