Saturday, July 21, 2007

Valuable Lessons

That's me back flathunting again, having learned 2 extremely valuable lessons:

1. Never move in without meeting your flatmates first, and:
2. Never move in with someone whose parents are also the landlords.

That latter point is crucial. I received a letter from my landlord on Thursday night (written Tuesday) to the effect that it had been a mistake to allow me in with a cat; which took exception to my even asking whether it might be possible to allow someone in to feed the cat if we were both away; and which declared that their daughter and I were incompatible as flatmates.

The latter point is probably true - even from the (fewer than) 5 hours we've spent in eachother's company this and last week, I knew I'd be getting out of there at the first opportunity. However, after ploughing through all this verbiage, the nub of the matter quickly became apparent: the desire of their daughter to live closer to her work in Croydon and their need to sell up in order to buy another place for her.

I don't mind admitting to being a bit disconcerted at finding house schedules scattered over the floor on day 2, and having the house valuation explained away early in the week by their daughter on the grounds that 'it hadn't been done for a while', was frankly comical. However, to have this point justified on the grounds of 'your cat smells and our daughter doesn't like you', is more than a little insulting, and not only to the intelligence. To take in a tenant while considering selling up may not be against any code, but it doesn't strike me as straight dealing.

Anyway, on the upside, I'm back in Edinburgh today, having taken 10 1/2 hours to drive up yesterday through the worst rain I've ever experienced in my life. The cat is now staying with my old Stirling Uni mate Richard (of earlier co-driver fame), and no doubt will be spoiled rotten while she's there. I'd like to think it's only till I find somewhere else, but realistically, I think she's going to be there for good now. If the flat had worked out as planned it would have been fine, but it's not fair to risk having to keep shunting her about. It's a shame, but it's also probably for the best.

I'm also having a nice, relaxing day at my parents' house, with plenty of home cooking. My flat in Portobello is ready for my new tenant to move in the week after next (don't worry, Pat - you won't be getting kicked out so I can sell it!). So I'll be back for work on Monday morning, having to worry only about myself and finding a more suitable place to stay. And I also found out today that I passed my Accountancy exam resit. Things are getting better already :-)

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