Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Out Of The Frying Pan?

Good to see that the Fopp name will live on in at least 6 stores. However, even if new owners HMV do manage to "preserve Fopp's unique identity and trading culture", given their current financial travails, might this not be a case of leaping straight into the fire?

I've always had a soft spot for Fopp, even as an adult, although that might be down to guilt from my early teenage years, having flicked and thumbed my way through various displays (usu. the extensive Iron Maiden back catalogue), without ever actually buying anything. It's a proud tradition which the minigoths hanging around the top of Cockburn Street continue to this day.

Ah well... even if it does all go Pete Tong for the reincarnated Fopp, at least there'll still be Avalanche, Vinyl Villains and Ripping Records to choose from on trips home.


Gav said...

It's looks likely that Vinyl Villains will be gone by Christmas.

The lease runs out quite soon. It'll be a sad loss to Edinburgh.

Richard Thomson said...

It will indeed. Do you know if they're planning to set up again anywhere else?

Anonymous said...

HMV Europe now own HMV, Waterstones and Fopp...nice to have such diversity!