Thursday, July 26, 2007

Camden Jocks

I had what is commonly known as a 'good dinner' last night. This morning's furred tongue, though, brought to mind the Hamish Imlach line about how he discovered he had an allergy to leather - every time he woke up in bed with his shoes on, he had a splitting headache.

Anyway, I'm having a quiet night tonight, in preparation for a ceilidh tomorrow night in Camden. I know a few folk who are going, so hopefully it'll be a good night out, as well as chance to meet some more people who don't have anything to do with either work or politics. Not sure about walking through London in a kilt, though... I'll need to have a think about that one!


Richard Havers said...

Not sure about walking through London in a kilt

No guts, no glory :)

Jeff said...

From my own experience, 'no pants, no dignity' is another way of putting it ;)

Always worth the risk though. Just avoid all hen parties and/or groups of 40+ year old 'girls' who have had a few.

And Soho.

Mark McDonald said...

Or alternatively, don't avoid them and then wahey!!! ;-)

Richard Thomson said...

Gave the kilt a miss in the end. Seems you can be quite a draw at these things simply by being male and knowing how to do the dances :-)