Saturday, July 07, 2007

Doing A Lambeth Walk

Made it. We set off at half-four this morning and were past Stafford by 9am. Everything was going really well until 2 sets of events conspired to spoil our time:

1. Cat trouble - I let the cat out of her box inside the van whenever we stopped, so she could move about for a bit. However, after getting back in her box good as gold at the first time of asking (Johnstonebridge), on the second occasion (Knutsford), she took it as her cue to disappear off underneath the driver's seat and then not come back out for half an hour...

2. The fact that Wimbledon, Live Earth at Wembley and the opening time trial of the Tour de France were all happening today in London. The latter event meant that Park Lane and lots of other roads in central London were shut, which made navigating the one-way systems of Mayfair, St James and eventually Chelsea, a total nightmare for a tourist like me. Satnav beckons, I fear.

Anyway, since it's such a nice night, I'm about to go out to explore some of Lambeth and hopefully unwind a bit. Maybe I'll even find a pleasant 'local' pub while I'm out. Here's hoping!

UPDATE: It seems that Richard #2 made it back to Edinburgh tonight after all. The mind boggles...


Richard Havers said...

Richard may I suggest a book to read while you're in London.

Peter Ackroyd's biography of London.

If you haven't read it that is!

Richard Thomson said...

Thanks for that, Richard. I'll look it up.