Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Well, that was the campaign that was. I'm too tired right now to do a detailed retrospective, however, as a quick snapshot, in my opinion the SNP had its best campaign ever; Labour fought the most negative and uninspiring campaign I can remember; Annabell Goldie should win the award for 'most improved' leader for playing a poor hand extremely well and with no little grace and style; while Nicol Stephen will probably get an undeserved reward for fighting what must have been the dullest Lib Dem campaign in history.

Our American intern, Michelle, managed to sum their campaign up rather tartly yesterday afternoon in the car. Hearing Stephen string together one of his stock soundbites about being 'really positive about young people' and how people apparently 'want to hear about the issues that matter to them, not have another debate on the constitution', she exploded with: 'They're smart enough to do both, dumbass!'. Hard to argue, really.

My hopes for tomorrow? Mainly that the final result, whether that's win, lose or draw for the SNP, sees Scotland embark on a more adventurous and positive path. The last eight years have been positively stultifying. Where there is no vision, the people perish. Another four years of the Best Wee First Minister of the Best Wee Country in the World is a torture that no thinking Scot should wish to inflict upon their compatriots. I just hope that with the last polls of the campaign looking tight, all those who want change actually get off their backsides and vote for it in the best way they can.

Anyway, it's nearly 9pm, and I've still got shoes to clean, shirts to iron and an overnight bag to pack. Tomorrow's going to be a long stint, and while I'll try to blog something if I get the chance, I'll make no promises. Enjoy polling day and make your vote count - whatever the result, here's hoping for a better Scotland in the next four years.


Indygal said...

Good luck Richard. We couldn't have fought a better campaign. I'm really proud of everyone.

Anonymous said...

Good luck from Singapore if independence comes I will return to my home land.

if the people reject self determination then they deserve their fate.

as Wendy Wood a great patriot used to say ONLY A FOOL LIKES A LONDON RULE

She was probably before your time

Richard Thomson said...

Aye, Wendy Wood was a bit before my time! Margo Macdonald is really the first SNP-person I can remember.

When I was a kid I used to love hearing her tear into numpty Embra Cooncillors and jobsworth 'Corporation' officials when she used to host the the phone in on Radio Forth. So in a way, my SNP involvement is partly her fault, whether she likes it or not these days...

Anonymous said...

congratulations my Scottish cousin well done to you for all your hard work.

SNP did it now if only they can divide and conquer the West of Scotland enclave what a pity the people there let the country down so much.

MY grandad dad and Mum all voted labour becasue their parents did but my Mother - 80 - now votes SNP as I am out of the country

Labout Conservative et all are British parties not Scottish ones we can look after ourselves