Monday, May 14, 2007

Chinese Torture

Well, well. Who'd have thought that a few Labour MSPs getting together for a Chinese takeaway and a couple of bottles of Lambrini could have caused such a stushie?

Anyway, in best Private Eye fashion, the comments section is open for you to report that McConnell Menu in full. Was it by turns 'sweet and sour'? Is he seen as a lemon, a chicken or perhaps both? Or did they push the boat out and go for the Lame Peking Duck? You decide...


Caron said...

Surely to goodness even this lot would choose something a bit better than lambrini:-)

I'm sure there was no plotting at all, and they just put their feet up and watched the Devil Wears Prada:-)

I remember Pauline McNeil from her days as NUS Scotland President in the mid 80s. I remember her using the classic phrase "I reserve the right to define my own oppression" when someone dared to suggest that she might have misinterpreted something or other - wish I could remember what but it was a long time ago.

Richard Thomson said...

Wonderful... reminds me of the Labour cooncillor in Lanarkshire years ago who allegedly responded to the motion to put unirnals in the town square by saying 'Aye - and we should get some arsenals put in as well while we're at it!'