Thursday, May 24, 2007

dot dot dot dash dash dash dot dot dot

In today’s debate on the future of government in Scotland, sundry Labour backbenchers started taunting their SNP counterparts. A particular bugbear appeared to be the SNP’s desire to secure 1.5% efficiency savings in each year of government, which prompted growls of ‘how many wurkurz ur yez gonny sack?’, and ‘whit services ur yez gonny cut?’.

Their faces were a picture when Wendy Alexander, responding for Labour, instead chose to criticise the SNP target of 1.5% for not being as ambitious as the 3% savings targets set by the government in Westminster.

Has ever a leadership campaign sunk so catastrophically before even leaving the harbour?

Glug, glug, glug…


Willie H said...

Priceless stuff Richard.

They may end up with Andy Kerr or Margaret Curran leading them yet. Personally I hope it is Duncan McNeill that takes over as I want that purely for our own entertainment purposes :-D

Possibly never before have so many non-entities and no-hopers represented the Labour Party in Scotland. Even their benches at Westminster inhabited by MPs from Scotland are filled with grade A numpties.

Richard Thomson said...

For purely selfish reasons I was rooting for Wendy, but I just can't see it happening now...

Who else is there? Charlie Gordon? Iain Gray? Or (outside bet for next leader but one) Stephen Purcell? Most of the rest either don't want it or aren't up to it.