Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"And Tonight, Matthew, I'm Going To Be Badly Overdrawn Boy"

In Edinburgh this week as the hunt for a seat continues, which means that my train ticket to travel back south on Wednesday is now surplus to requirements. I estimate that with cancelled flights and unused train tickets etc, I've spent the best part of £500 this month on journeys which I haven't been able to take.

Then there's the postage for writing to SNP members, the phone calls, the hotel rooms and the travelling I have actually undertaken. Oh, and I've also got a big upcoming repair to pay for on my flat in Portobello, and the car needs its first service. My credit card bills are going to be horrific this month - not so much a credit crunch as a payment crunch for me when the bills come in.

Anyway, I've got a meeting tonight with some SNP folk in Edinburgh, then having spent last night on a friend's couch, it'll be back to my folks' place for a couple of nights. It was always my intention to be a Westminster candidate for the SNP this time round, but with the accelerated selection process now underway, it's beginning to look as if my move to London has been very badly timed indeed - I think I've spent more time out in Edinburgh these last 3 months than I did when I lived here!

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