Wednesday, August 29, 2007

On The Stump

Blogging may be lighter than usual over the next few days. Having got through the SNP candidate vetting process successfully, I'm heading back to Scotland tomorrow to spend a few days hawking myself round constituencies.

Originally, I was going to be on a plane headed for Washington DC tomorrow to take a holiday amongst some friends out there, but that was before the SNP accelerated its selection processes. I suppose I'd have been travelling for c. 8 hours either way - it just probably won't be quite as warm in Scotland as it would have been in Virginia :-)


Mountjoy said...

Excellent news - hope your search for a constituency proves fruitful fairly quickly ... look forward to seeing you in the future battling Kirsty Wark on Newsnight!

Jeff said...

What an understated way of patting oneself on the back, so let me do it in a more trumpeting manner.

Congratulations! **wild applause**

Carry the standard of debate on your blog into the hustings and you'll be grand.

Richard Thomson said...

Well, thank you both for your kind words. It will be an interesting couple of weeks, I'm sure!