Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Only Living Boy In New Cross

I have an exam tomorrow morning, so I've been trying to spend the weekend quietly, with my head stuck in the books. My nemisis, however, has been the box-set of 'Family Guy' DVDs sitting in the front room, belonging to one of my new housemates out here in Sarf London.

Everything seems much better than the previous place, even though it is just 2 weeks in. Basically, I've gone from an antiseptic yuppie flat with pictures of Johnny Wilkinson's arse on the wall [shudder], to a place where DVDs of 'Yes, Minister' and 'The West Wing' take pride of place and there's a 'Viz' annual in every bathroom. Maybe I've moved from Frasier's apartment to something more akin to 'The Young Ones' house, but we all need to find our own level... :-)

Which Family Guy Character Are You?

You are Brian. You are smart, sophisticated, and somewhat of an alcoholic.
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