Tuesday, September 25, 2007

That Gordon Brown Speech In Full...


"I believe in Britain. I believe in a Britain of British people. British people, who are proud to be British, and who are proud to live beside other Britons, in this Great British country of ours.

"My Britain is a Britain where British people have British jobs. Where they live in British homes. And where these British people have British children, whom they bring up to be British, and to feel a shared responsibility for their fellow Britons.

"When I was young, I remember sitting on my British backside on the pews of a British church, listening to the British sermons about how we should be proud to be British. It gave me a sense of humility - British humility. A British humility with which I approach each and every situation, each and every British situation, that I encounter as your British Prime Minister of this Great British country of ours.

"That, fellow delegates - fellow British delegates - is my vision. My British vision, of a British people, proud to be British, and proud to live in a British Britain. A British Britain, for British people".


Toque said...

Fantastic. But worryingly not as disturbing as the real speech.

Anonymous said...

but there is no room in this british britain of great britain for the English.

Anonymous said...

A feeble, little bitter and twisted irrelevant country like scotland can do much better riding on England's back and by effectively 'Hijjocking' it under the 'British' guise.

If its the last thing England and the English ever do, we MUST get rid of this eternally far left wing socialist (communist) little country, why should we carry them simply because they are stuck onto the top of us?.

Jools said...

Very funny Richard but I think you may have missed out a few Britishnesses there.

Anon #2 unhelpful and just plane rude.

As an unrepentant English nationalist all I can say is keep going Richard - eventually we'll win.

As Brown said "no injustice can last forever".

boogiewoody said...

I wept with laughter when I read That Speech on the Herald comments section this morning. Then I saw part of the Labour Conference Broadcast earlier this evening - Jesus, you haven't exaggerated by very much. I expect Broon to give us the full Sceptic Isle speech some time soon ... oh wait a minute that's not British is it?

Richard Thomson said...

Thanks, Tocque, Jools and boogiewoody. Glad you enjoyed it :-)