Monday, April 23, 2007

When Scotland Calls...

No doubt timed to coincide with the SNP unveilling an advert showing 100 leading business people who endorse the party, today's Sun carries an advert from a few ex-footballers and managers, speaking out against independence and in support of the union.

Their ad begins with the assertion that 'We are proud Scots', alongside the claim that 'When Scotland calls, we answer'. A touch self-regarding, perhaps, but all fair enough. But I did laugh when it was pointed out to me by a friend that a signatory to this missive was one Walter Smith Esq, erstwhile manager of Scotland. Now, this couldn't possibly be the same Walter Smith who decided to put club before country by walking out on Scotland in the middle of a European Championship qualifying campaign, could it?

It would seem that it could. Aye, Scotland's a great wee place right enough, just providing we keep it confined to the sports pages :-)


Iain said...

crazy numpties. Probably looking forward to playing in a Great Britain team as planned by Brown!

Richard Thomson said...

Today's Daily Record editorial went so far as to ask just how difficult these folk would have found it to ply their trade in England without the union.

As a friend of mine asked me today, is the union the reason that Bary Ferguson seemed to do so well at Blackburn Rovers, while Paul Lambert did so badly at Borussia Dortmund? Or should that be the other way round?