Monday, April 30, 2007

Just Who Does He Think He Is?

Straight from the horse's mouth - Gordon Brown rules out working with any SNP-led administration in Holyrood!

So, if the Scottish people don't vote the 'right' way on Thursday, Brown will take a giant huff and refuse to co-operate to improve our schools, grow the economy or help deliver social justice. Just who the hell does he think he is?


Jeff said...

Quite outrageous arrogance from the man. I genuinely think he is slipping into some sort of mental space that is far removed from the real world.

Thanks for pointing it out, probably wouldn't have noticed the story as I don't check stv too much.

Bill said...

The man is a socialist. Socialists don't believe in democracy. Surely you can't have been unaware of this? Just look at the way the Labour government has ridden roughshod over our dearly won civil liberties these past ten years and has plans to do a lot more damage to our freedoms before it is kicked out at the next General Election (I hope). Not to mention Brown having made a complete shambles of the country's long-term economic viability, whatever he and his apologists might claim.

Whilst I'm on my anti-socilaist rant ;) , how do you react to Salmond's claim yesterday that an independent nation (i.e. Scotland) could do whatever it liked, possibly rejoining the UK (assuming it ever leaves, that is) if it ever chose to do so, no mention about what our cousins the English might have to say about that? A lot of what he said was pretty logical of course (even if I disagree with almost all of his views), perhaps he just got carried away with his own rhetoric in the euphoric anticipation of getting his hands on power here later this week.

Richard Thomson said...

Hi Bill,

Leaving aside the question as to how 'socialist' this Labour government has been (I don't see myself as a socialist for what it's worth - never have done), they've certainly shown some worrying authoritarian tendencies. Whether you see Brown's attitude as being authoritarian, demonstrative of a simple arrogance or some combination of the two, it certainly leaves a bad taste and shows the measure of the man for anyone still in any doubt.

As for Alex Salmond's comments, I didn't see his GMTV interview, but it seemed to me like little more than a courteous response to what sounds like it would have been a pretty daft question.

As you point out, it was a pretty logical thing to say. However, the key word he used which most seem to have missed was 'potentially'. I mean, potentially Menzies Campbell could be the next Prime Minister, and I suppose that potentially, some day I could run the London Marathon in under 2 1/2 hours - it doesn't mean that either is particularly likely!

It would also, as you point out, be contingent not just on Scottish opinion, but on all other remaining parts of the UK being happy to resurrect the Union of the Parliaments. The referendum campaign would certainly be interesting :-)

Anonymous said...

Brown's anti-democratic credentials on YouTube:

Absolutely sickening. This could cost Labour dear.

Allan said...

"Just who the hell does he think he is?"

He clearly thinks that he will be the next Prime Minister of this country.

I am greatly offended by Bill though. I am a Socialist and a Democrat, the two i think & feel are not mutually exclusive. Gordon Brown however stopped being a socialist many years ago, about the time equality, liberty and common deciency fell out of favour with British (English?) electors.

Richard Thomson said...

"He clearly thinks that he will be the next Prime Minister of this country".

Clearly he does. His comments still show a contemptuous disregard for democracy, though. Even Jack McConnell was struggling to defend Brown's remarks on the STV Leaders debate a few minutes ago.

peter said...

I hope tomorrow Scotland votes for a brighter possible future and votes the SNP into power.

What I cannot see is how the SNP are ever going to get a vote on full independence when the majority of the parliment are going to be pro union and will vote against any SNP proposal on a ballot. If they did get a ballot then the other parties would insist on some daft questions instead of one simple stay or leave question.

By the way I disagree with major SNP policy but they are the best bet of a bad bunch at present and I do not think Scotland will ever find its true potential until we stand on our own two feet. Then it is up to us to rise to the challenge.

Richard Thomson said...

I hope there's plenty more like you, Peter. Thanks for the support.