Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tesco And Small Countries

For some strange reason, when I heard that the Chairman of Tesco had organised a newspaper ad backing the union (but not Labour), the memory of this clip from the BBC's 'Time Trumpet' shot into my head...

For a company which operates in multiple countries, it seems a very strange stance to be taking. Somehow, I think I'll still need cat litter in an independent Scotland!


Anonymous said...

Thought you might be interested to know that the Scotsman is now monitoring posts on their web site and censoring posts as they see fit.

I have tried to post 6 times this morning and on each occasion as I hit submit I get the message "Thanks for your comment. Comments on this article must be approved by our moderator before being displayed."

I have asked for an explanation as to why I am being banned, no answer was their reply.

The first post they stopped was a post showing SNP 10 points ahead of labour (New YouGov poll from the Guardian).

Very sinister. I do hope there is a simple explanation for it.

Try posting a post stating that the poster known as Rozz has been banned with no explanation and see if it stays up there long.

Richard Thomson said...

I've just posted something to the Scotsman website without any problems. Why not email their tech support people at - there's usually a simple explanation for most things, in my experience!