Thursday, November 09, 2006

Just a bit of fun...



Lib Dems












Which political party in Scotland should you vote for?
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I suppose it's validation of a sort, but where on earth did that 75% Lib Dem come from? I didn't think I sat on the fence all that often!

Try it yourself at . Let me know on the comments section how you score.


Mark McDonald said...

100% SNP apparently.

I was also 75% Lib Dem, a poor state of affairs.

I was less Tory than you, but still too much for my own liking.

Richard Thomson said...

100%? Bloody crawler... ;-)

Graham Henry said...


I think it is skewed in favour of the Lib Dems ;) I got Greens and Lib Dems ahead of the SNP, which is highly irregular as I've been a SNP member for a few years....

Good blog by the way...are you associated with the Scottish Independence Convention, whose debate I was at in Stirling last night?

Richard Thomson said...

Hi Graham,

Thanks for dropping by and for the kind comment. I'm not involved in the Convention mymyself, although I was at the Dynamic Earth launch.

I'd be interested to hear how the debate in Stirling went.. I had intended to drop in on my way back from Dundee, but time was against me, sadly.

Can you post a link to the convention website, so I can get it put up on here?

Graham Henry said...

I'm not involved in the Convention myself, but went along to the debate, as I am mulling getting involved for the coming campaign and wanted to see what SNP are offering. Mike Russell was particularly impressive (along with Harry Reid), and came across as being particularly passionate about general political renewal, rather than cheap political points, which would have been tempting...too tempting it seemed for Mrs Anne McGuire MP (Lab), who was god-awful for the defence...

Murdo Fraser was pretty good though, in the face of an understandably hostile audience.