Thursday, November 30, 2006

Alex Salmond on St Andrew's day


MacGrachka said...

Very nice sentiment from Mr Salmond, however, is this politics of ambition a universal one?

I'm no fan of children myself, but I was a bit concerned to read about my MSP Mrs Cunningham talking about her amendments to the Adoption Bill, in particular about her attitude towards the what form the 'natural order' takes, and how pesky gays like I are unnatural (and thus should be precluded from adopting). She implied that there was a 'silent' consensus in favour of her views, which is worrying if she refers to the SNP group.

I am a member of the SNP on the basis that I believe in the need for social and political renewal on all levels, and I don't share Roseanna's apparent desire for this to be based on anachronistic ideas of Tory-style social puritanism.

Although I'm a bit off topic, unless the SNP clarifies their position on this, I can't see myself sharing Mr Salmond's vision of opportunity, and presumably equality, if his party is pissing and shitting on this idea.

Rant over ;)

Richard Thomson said...

Yes... I have to admit I was surprised at the stance she took here. I have to say its not a position I agree with.

As I understand it, the law already allows gay people to adopt, so all the Adoption Bill would change is that it will allow gay couples to adopt formally.

Sadly, she's probably on to something about opinion amongst the voters, and I don't think it would do anyone any favours to try and pretend that there isn't some public hostility to the idea.

That said, the SNP I joined is committed to equality, so I hope and expect that on this issue at any rate, Roseanna will find herself in a minority.