Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Gordon Brown - Robin Hood In Reverse

As I said last week, I gave Wendy Alexander's Aviemore Conference speech a miss in favour of an afternoon in the pub watching the Celtic-Rangers game. It's therefore with thanks to the Man About The House Blog I stumbled across earlier today that I am able to offer you this little gem from her speech:

“And when you strip away the spin its clear where the SNP stand. It is not on the side of those who believe in progressive taxation and public spending - but with those who favour tax cuts for the rich and what’s left for the rest”.

Now, remind me again… what happened to income tax rates effective 6 April? Oh, yes – the starting rate was doubled for the lowest earners, and cut by 2p for everyone else.

So, that's a tax cut for the rich, and what’s left for the rest earning below £18,500? A higher tax bill…

Does Labour's hypocrisy and willingness to tell porkies about their opponents know no bounds? At least the SNP's local income tax would put some of the money back in the pockets of the least well off that Gordon Brown has just swiped away.


Jeff said...

Quite remarkable.

Are Scottish Labour trying to do the Tory approach of just pretending their UK colleagues are a completely separate party? Seems that way with all this "socialist" chat...

And am I going crazy or did you have an Olympics post up earlier today?

Don't tell me the Chinese propaganda machine got to it...!

Richard Thomson said...

That was quick, Jeff - I was still sorting the spelling mistakes!

I can assure you I had no new Olympic posts up earlier. However, if you don't mind the industrial language, Mr Eugenides does have a belter on the subject today.

I'm not sure if I'm still banned in China - the 'great firewall' site seems to have gone belly up for the time being!

Jeff said...

Well, I can only conclude I am going slowly mad. I distinctly remember a post this morning referring to South Africa and apartheid and equating it to the Chinese Olympic situation.

I'll have to do an extensive search of the blogosphere and find it again later as i fancied another read, wherever it is...

Anyway, Robin Hood in reverse. Yet another corner that Brown's boxed him into. Stealing from the poor in the middle of a painful credit crunch. You couldn't make it up could you?

Anonymous said...

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the name check ;)

You can find Wendy's entire speech here ( http://www.scottishlabour.org.uk/speech_to_scottish_conference_by_wendy_alexander ), if you're feeling brave!

There's a temptation to paste the entire thing int oa post and take it, and her, apart one line at a time!!

The sad thing is that there are those who'll buy this prattle ...



Richard Thomson said...

Hi Alastair - thanks for the link to Wendy's speech. I'll take a look later on to see if it yields any further unexpected delights :-)



Cyber Nat said...

Gordon Brown is my arch-enemy.

And he's rubbish.