Saturday, April 19, 2008

Echo Chambers

I'm sat backstage in the press room at the SNP conference at Heriot-Watt university. The auditorium is packed right now, in anticipation of Nicola Sturgeon's big speech.

My only gripe is that we don't have a closed circuit feed from the hall, which leaves us somewhat reliant on BBC Scotland's webcast of proceedings. While our internet access is much better than it has been at similar events in the recent past, we're kind of struggling a bit trying to keep up with events on our laptops.

All our laptop speakers are puny, and the webcast feed is a bit on the erratic side, occasionally cutting out and always reaching different computers at different times, leading to a bizarre echo effect round the room. I wonder if there's time to run back to my room to pick up a set of headphones?


Anonymous said...

Do I give a fuck?

Richard Thomson said...

Do you think I do?

Anonymous said...


We havn't met before but spotted you at conference, thought about saying 'hi, you don't know me but i read your blog' but decided that would be a bit sad of me.......

Great blog!


Richard Thomson said...

Hi Zoe - thanks for the kind words :-) Shame we didn't get a chance to chat. Next time, just impose yourself!