Friday, November 30, 2007

Welcome To Scotland

I'm about to head off to Inverurie for a ceilidh and then to Huntly for a racenight - both in aid of funds for the SNP campaign in Gordon. However, arriving at Edinburgh Airport last night, it's impossible to describe how much my heart lifted not to be greeted by a braggart yet brittle hoarding proclaiming my arrival in 'The Best (small) Country in the World'.

'Welcome to Scotland. Edinburgh - Home of the Enlightenment' says all that needs to be said about your arrival in the capital, and beats any corporate slogan which the city has adopted for itself over the past two decades. Meanwhile, I defy anyone not to crack a smile at the Glasgow board pictured below:

Well, I defy almost everyone. Leave out the 'my six year old could do better' tendency who bump their gums at everything, and you're left with substantial critics like Anita Califano, a senior consultant with the 2012 London Olympics logo creator Wolff Olins, who opines "It all fails to convey the spirit of the place, the emotion. If the purpose of branding is to create an emotional connection, they're not doing that."

Y-e-e-e-s. I rest my case :-)

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