Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Filler, Not Killer

This is something of a filler post - the last few days have been pretty busy, and I expect the next few to be as well. For the moment, then, I'll confine myself to congratulating Rangers on tonight turning in, even if it wasn't always pretty, what must be one of the most effective performances by a Scottish team away from home in Europe in quite some time.

Best of all, being in Scotland this week, I could watch it live, and with Arsenal winning too, I'll have some happy housemates into the bargain. If
Aberdeen manage not to lose to Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk on Thursday in the UEFA Cup, then all will be right with the world, at least in a footballing sense, anyway.

As I said, I'm in Scotland this week, so I'm returning to the pleasures of working remotely - have laptop, will travel - sort of thing. Still, having managed to set up my folks' new broadband connection a couple of days ago, that opens up a few more possibilities. They come back from holiday tomorrow afternoon, so they'll no doubt be getting the tutorial once the video camera gets put away :-)

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