Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Apologies to any regular readers for the lack of postings this week. I was at a wedding on Saturday, recovering on Sunday, driving to London on Monday, and flathunting both yesterday and today.
Reassuringly, my budget means I won't be in a complete hovel, though I'll admit my heart did sink a bit when the estate agent showed me a bedsit in St John's Wood for which they wanted the best part of a grand a month. That'll be right, as they say...

Luckily, there seems to be better value places around, especially in Ealing, where I am just now. I've one more place to check out tonight, which is apparently less than 10 minutes walk from Westminster, but with any luck, I should be sorted with somewhere to stay by close of play tomorrow. Then the fun can begin getting my place in Edinburgh ready to rent out.

First impressions? Mainly how relaxed everyone seems to be. I've thought for a while that Edinburgh was becoming quite an angry and aggressive little city. Londoners seem to make a better job of taking it all in their stride, probably because if you reacted to every door left to slam in your face or car cutting you up, you'd be dead from a heart attack in short order.

Anyway, time to go. I've got a hotel to find and a security pass to update. Thankfully I won't be negotiating the underground with this amount of luggage every day.


Jeff said...

Good to see a posting there, this regular reader can admit to missing them and glad to hear Londoners aren't as bad as the reputation they possess.

My brother lives in the leafy suburb of Southgate, massive bedroom, tube 10 mins walk away, cat-friendly and pays about 300 a month. Has to share with 4 others though but my point is, it's well worth shopping around.

Richard Thomson said...

Cheers, Jeff. I've got somewhere now - hopefully we'll tie up the paperwork this week.