Saturday, June 30, 2007

On Course

It's a beautiful morning, and 'Out of Doors' on Radio Scotland is broadcasting a programme about sailing, which is making me want to take a walk along the coast. However, this is an MBA weekend, so it's another day in a lecture theatre to cover something called 'Strategic Planning'. Hum.

It has its compensations, though. Yesterday at lunch, our table had a political researcher from Edinburgh (me), a banker from Nassau, a manager from Madras and an accountant from Abuja (and before anyone asks, the last 2 alliterations aren't fabricated). All loved Scotland, even if they weren't too fond of the weather (today might change their tune, though). And at least two are hoping to stay as part of the 'Fresh Talent' initiative.

I hope they do - these are exactly the kind of folk we want to be attracting to study, live and work here. They could have studied anywhere in the world - the fact that they and so many more like them come to Scotland and want to stay, should maybe make a few people reappraise their opinion of Scotland and where she is headed.


Sainted George said...

But few will be English since we are discriminated against despite paying for it

Richard Thomson said...

Sorry to get in the way of your victim complex, but everyone on this course pays their own fees, including the Englishman who's sitting next to me right now.