Thursday, September 13, 2007

Quelle frappe! Quelle frappe!

Faddy's goal... with French commentary :-)

Link seems to be dead... try this:


Anonymous said...

No, this simply won't do. We can't allow the Scottish footballers to perform well or else they'll start to have some national pride and then they'll want more independence and less meddling from Westminster and Brussels.

--10 Downing

Jeff said...

See those extra 300 hits your site's had this week? It's just me watching that goal again. And again.

Was in London and couldn't find a pub showing the game despite a mammoth search.

The sooner we're independent the better. Not that I'm bitter.... ;)

Richard Thomson said...

Been a little guilty of that myself, Jeff. Quite apart from a sublime goal, I love the "Oh la la!" exclamation in the French commentary, along with the "Quelle frappe!" one. Have to say, my favourite bit is the bit right at the end where the summariser intones "unfortunately, the ball swerved..."

Until such time as we're independent (and even after!), the Rob Roy, just off Edgware Road near the Marleybone flyover (Edgware Rd tube is close by), seems to be the place for watching Scotland (and Aberdeen)games in London:

Jeff said...

Didn't catch the Ohh La La till you mentioned it, c'est formidable...

Thanks for the tip about the Rob Roy. Apparently there's a place called Three Kings at West Kensington that would show Under 17s baseball if you asked nicely enough as the landlord is a sports nut.