Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Lobby Dossing

Sounds like today's lobby briefing was a bit livelier than normal...

The spokesman was asked about Chancellor Alistair Darling's report to the Cabinet. He said the Chancellor made the point that the underlying strength of the UK economy - the policies put in place in 1997, low unemployment, low inflation - meant that the UK could weather international crises.

He was asked if there had been any discussion of the EU Amending Treaty.

He replied, " No."

He was asked if reports were correct that Mr Darling had moved his cat into Downing Street. (There has not been a cat in Downing Street since Mr Blair had Humphrey the Cat removed to a retirement home shortly after moving into Downing Street in 1997).

The spokesman confirmed that the Darlings' black and white cat was living in their Downing Street flat.

What was the cat's name, he was asked. The spokesman replied, " Sybil - as in Basil. I have not seen it myself. "

Would Sybil have 'the run of Downing Street', he was asked.

"I don't have a cat myself but I understand it is difficult to confine a cat," he replied.

Does the Prime Minister have a problem with a cat in Downing Street, he was asked. "No, " he replied.

Did Mrs Brown have a problem, he was asked. " No, " he replied.

Did the Browns know Sybil. The spokesman replied that he thought they had met Sybil while visiting the Darlings in their home in Scotland.

Would he arrange a photo-call with Sybil, he was asked. The spokesman replied. " I am sure the cat will appear at some time."

" At last," said a Lobby correspondent, " a real story."

(Courtesy of Gallery News)

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