Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Spoon-Fed Greasiness

I felt a bit sorry for Sarah Macauley, dragged out recently to help her husband 'campaign' in the Glenrothes by-election. Having to play dumb and let ex-NUS functionaries do your talking for you (in between threatening to shoot journalists - as politics goes, it doesn't get more ridiculous than that) on a short, stage-managed visit to already identified Labour voters, was always going to be demeaning and a bit of a crock.

She's an intelligent women who used to run her own PR company, for goodness' sakes. And how insulting, both to her and to voters, to assume that the partner of the man who leads the party of which the man seeking votes belongs to, knocking on precisely 3 doors for the edification of the media present, will make the slightest difference to the eventual outcome.

Mind you, meeting a handful of tame supporters in Cardenden was like going into the lion's den in comparison to Mr Sarah Macauley's foray into the fray. Sitting down in a cafe, talking to 'real people' (actually more party members), Mr Macauley showed every sign of still being afraid of his own political shadow.

The press, seeking to whip up a bit of interest, ridiculed the stage-managed visit of his wife, but somehow managed to suspend credulity for the Prime Minister as he trotted out his stock soundbites to a specially selected audience. But it would appear that this public appearance was not what all that it seemed.

With a tip of the hat to Jess the Dog, here are some pics showing just how close our sub-Prime Minister really got to the fray:

OK. Glenrothes is a new town. He was still in a bustling precinct somewhere, right?

Hmm, it's kind of hard to tell from above. Can we maybe take a closer look at this from ground level?

Oh dear. It's this sort of routine, low-grade misrepresentation that sickens me of the Prime Minister and his party. Frankly, if he told me the sky was blue, I'd still need to look up to check it out for myself.


Ricky Simpson said...

I wonder if you have had an opportunity to muse over the latest polls?


That headline is brilliant, dont you think? Granted, we are still a bit away from removing your insipid lot from Holyrood - but the day will come and what a great day it will be :)

Glenrothes soon - the real test. I do believe that the credit crunch may have destroyed the SNP, I suppose we will find out soon enough.

Glenrothes is statistically far easier for you to win than GE was...

Richard Thomson said...

Ricky - I really can't be bothered with you anymore.

It's rare that you post anything relevant, and even rarer that you manage to post anything even vaguely intelligent. More worryingly, a disturbing number of your comments, either direct to me or to other posters, verge on the plain rude and abusive.

If this were a public bar, I'd simply drink up and leave you to it. However, as it's my 'bar', you can consider the above post to be your last here. You can be proud that you've finished on the same consistent tone that has marked nearly all of your 'contributions' over the past few months.

Don't let the door hit your backside on the way out.