Sunday, January 16, 2011

"UK taxman killed off Tartan Tax"

Well, well, well. After the ridiculous parade which lined up to claim that the lapse of the tartan tax represented an SNP 'betrayal' of devolution, what do we find in today's Scotland on Sunday?

UK taxman killed off Tartan Tax

Published Date: 16 January 2011
By Eddie Barnes

Political Editor

THE Scottish Government could not have implemented the Tartan Tax even if it wanted to because the revenue authorities were unable to collect it, new documents have revealed.

The power to vary income tax by up to 3p in the pound was granted to the parliament in the devolution referendum in 1997. But the documents show that, after the 2007 election, the incoming SNP administration would not have been able to implement it because of major problems and delays in a new computerised collection system being introduced by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

The flaws mean that the Tartan Tax - a key devolved power - will not be available to ministers until 2013 at the earliest.

This news leaves a veritable rogues gallery of MSPs with sizable quantities of egg on face. However, what of BBC Scotland, which did its damnedest over several days to make a controversy out of a story which was always - being charitable - complete rubbish? Your gast will be flabbered to find no mention of the story as yet on the BBC Scotland website.

I can only assume that they're preparing for tomorrow, where it'll lead GMS; see Kay Adams spluttering indignation right through her phone in; treat us to a suitably frowny Jackie Bird on the TV bulletins throughout the day; before offering up an incredulous Gordon Brewer on Newsnight Scotland to lambast Michael Moore and the aforementioned rogues for telling porkies, prior to offering a suitable mea culpa on behalf of the BBC for getting things so badly wrong the first time round?

I do hope so. Meanwhile, in other news, I'll be waiting at my window with similar levels of expectation, just in case 675 Porcine Squadron of the RAF decides to fly in formation past my house this afternoon.

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1971Thistle said...

Ach, BBC Scotland have given up all pretence of even-handedness. It's all very Orwellian.

No one will hold them to account before May either; it suits all involved (apart from SNP, obviously) to do so.

Expect faux contrition post-election, when it doesn't matter any more.

Now, if there was a mole inside BBC Scotland, that would be interesting...but where would be reported if there was?