Wednesday, April 01, 2009

North Sea Tragedy

The news from the North Sea of this afternoon's helicopter crash is just awful. Of the 16 men on board, 8 bodies have been recovered with the remaining 8 so far unaccounted for. The light is now fading and with it, you have to imagine, despite the benign conditions this evening and the best efforts of the rescuers, fades also the remaining chance of finding survivors.

This afternoon's tragedy is a reminder, as if any were needed, of the terrible cost we sometimes pay for harvesting the North Sea. Please spare a thought this evening, if you can, for the husbands, fathers and sons who have lost their lives, and for the families to whom they won't be returning.


subrosa said...

A dreadful tragedy Richard and a very sad state of affairs that the BBC didn't make it the 6 oclock headlines. Another reason for having our own Scottish media.

Richard Thomson said...

Agreed, Subrosa. A dreadful tragedy, but in fairness to the BBC, it was a fast developing story and it took until after 5pm for the first fatalities to be confirmed and therefore the true scale of events to emerge.

I was busy this evening and only caught snippets from the Northsound coverage on the car radio. Certainly by the time I got back home shortly before 8pm, News 24 was covering the press conference live from Aberdeen.