Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Free Ride

What a great idea. Will it ever catch on here?

December 19, 2008

While you celebrate the season, if you find you've had too much to drink, the Chandler Law Group is once again helping to ensure people make it home safely.

Starting Friday, they'll be offering a safe ride home to anyone in Charlottesville.

All you have to do is call Yellow Cab at 424-295-4131 for a free ride home within a ten-mile radius of Charlottesville.

The Safe Ride Home program runs until New Years Day.


Jeff said...

Good for them they added that 10-mile radius thing, I know someone in Charlottesville and a free trip out there might have been nice.

For here though, don't Walkabout give free soft drinks to the designated driver?

And I think there's a company that sends a cyclist out who folds up his bike, puts it in the boot and drives the drunk person's car (and the drunken bum him/herself) home for a small fee. Probably all the cash in your wallet if one is too drunk!

Richard Thomson said...

I think you're right, Jeff, though Walkabout's never been my favourite place. I know that there's a few 'drive you home' services in London, but I didn't know they had that one in Edinburgh. Not that I'd ever have used the London one - when I had my car down there it only moved about once a week to do the shopping. Any other trips were planned so as to avoid giving Ken his £8...

I'm reliably informed that while a lot of businesses sponsor the concert season at the local theatre in Charlottesville, this firm offer their support by sponsoring the taxi rides home - their rationale being that they'd rather pay for your ride home than sue you afterwards!

If you haven't been to Charlottesville, you should go. It's a great place, and only a couple of hours from DC on the train/bus, or 5 hours or so from NYC. Fly to Dulles, explore Virginia, do the Capitol then have a week in NYC before flying back from there. Highly recommended :-)