Saturday, February 24, 2007

Some New Links

I've updated the links section to include some of the blogs and sites which have caught my attention recently.

First for a mention is my former SNP HQ colleague Julie Hepburn, wife of SNP Cumbernauld & Kilsyth Candidate, Jamie. I particularly enjoyed her demolition of the chancers of the SSCUP, but the most interesting thing will be to compare and contrast how the two blog about the run-in to the election and its aftermath.

Next up are Clairwil, Kevin Williamson, The Flying Rodent and Scotswahey!, while 1820 - Rise Like Lions and SNP Tactical Voting are also worth a look.

Finally, I'm adding a link to a new site called You Scotland, which bills itself as being "about the people of 21st-century Scotland taking power for ourselves, reclaiming the Home Rule agenda from a Scottish establishment that has so patently failed".

Sounds promising, although it doesn't seem to be much more than a glorified debating forum at the moment. But am I alone in thinking that the idea there's somehow a mass 'collective will' out there, ignored by politicians, but which can be brought to bear by a website, is really keech of the highest order? It all sounds too much like the fraudulant rhetoric of the 'independent' or the 'anti-politician politician' for my liking. 'Vote for me and I'll consult and then do whatever you want'. Aye, right.

Maybe this is how it needs to pitch itself to get attention from Scotland's web community. However, if it manages to get people thinking about their collective democratic responsibilities as well as getting folk to yell about the hot button issues of the day, those behind You Scotland will deserve the thanks of us all. I wish it well.


Iain said... I said in my blog:
I just had a look at some of their survey items and I am a little uncomfortable about the tone of some of these such as antagonism to "road pricing" and "traffic wardens" - this sounds like narrow minded, grumpy old conservatives! What about global warming - don't you give a damn? I'd rather see a question asking if we want better public transport and housing developments aligned with lcoal services!!

Turns out its run by an ex-Labour party national organiser who got disgruntled...

much of the "discussion" and debate so far is hardly particularly inspiring. Still, let's wait and see, but they need to improved their technology big time!

Richard Thomson said...

I'd agree. It doesn't look anything special just now - I think they'll struggle to wean folk away from The Scotsman website, which seem to have taken on a life of their own over the last few months.