Friday, May 14, 2010

What A Difference 2 Years Makes

Not that there's anything wrong with pragmatism and being able to sink your differences, but this makes me chuckle:

At the Lib Dems' 2008 spring conference, Nick Clegg said: "The day before I was elected leader, Mr Cameron suggested we join them. He talked about a 'progressive alliance'. This talk of alliances comes up a lot, doesn't it? Everyone wants to be in our gang. So I want to make something very clear today. Will I ever join a Conservative government? No." Nick Clegg is now deputy to Prime Minister David Cameron.

H/T: The First Post


Anonymous said...

Lib Dems in hypocrisy scandal?

Hold the front page...

Munguin said...

He probably said that before he invented "New Politics"® (now a wholly owned subsidiary of the Conservative Party).

Tim said...

Here's how Clegg continued:

"Will I ever join a Conservative government? No. Will I ever join a Labour government? No. I will never allow the Liberal Democrats to be a mere annex to another party's agenda. But am I interested in building a new type of government? Yes. Based on pluralism instead of one party rule? Yes."

Clegg wasn't ruling out coalition with the Tories, he was endorsing coalition with either party as long as it advanced the Lib Dem agenda.

You need to be more careful about taking quotes out of context.

Richard Thomson said...

Fair enough, Tim. Feel free to come back with a link to your source, and I'll be happy to let that stand as a clarification.