Saturday, April 03, 2010

Horrendous Lib Dem Failure of the Day

Oh dear. It seems that my post below has confused poor old Stephen Glenn, prompting him to pen a rather silly attack on me for my supposed belief that the SNP somehow 'picks fights'.

For the avoidance of doubt, Stephen, and since you haven't yet managed to publish my response on your blog, the post was, in the light of the recent Scottish Affairs Select Committee Report on UK inter-governmental relations, ridiculing those who claim that the SNP 'picks fights'. A category into which it appears Mr Glenn, whether willfully or otherwise, now falls.

I hope that Stephen will either acknowledge what is either an error on his part or own up to a feeble attempt at misrepresentation, but I'm not holding my breath. It is an election after all, and he is a Lib Dem.


cynicalHighlander said...

I responded a few hours ago and that hasn't shown up either. They never learn.

Caron said...

Not everybody has access to their blogs all day - and Stephen had been out campaigning all day yesterday before comming over to mine for dinner.

Stephen's always until reacently had an open comments policy with no moderation but after what happened to Jeff recently at SNP Tactical Voting, he's decided to pre moderate. He'll publish pretty much everything as soon as he gets to his laptop. You can't really accuse him of anything else.

You will hopefully by now be aware that Stephen has published all your comments and replied.

For my tuppenceworth, I get why the journalists get the impression that they do. The work of the Committee is a positive but much of what both SNP do is political posturing - whether it's you picking a fight with Labour over funding for the new Forth crossing or Labour with their appalling insinuations that nationalists aren't "patriots". It's all very off-putting.

Richard Thomson said...

He's certainly put up further comments, Caron, but it's stretching things to say in any way that it's a reply.

While we're on the subect of what we find offputting in politics, two of my pet peeves are the deliberate misrepresentation of the views of others, and the refusal to acknowledge error.

I'm sure you find those vices equally as distasteful, Caron. Where stands your good pal Stephen?

cynicalHighlander said...

"You can't really accuse him of anything else."

Can I correct you on that Stephen was busy posting on other blogs at 8.15pm yet his appolgy on his own site didn't come till 12.33am next morning.

Honesty is the best solution.