Friday, November 06, 2009

Taken To Cask

Yes, yes. I know it's a lazy shot, but even after a severe bout of the cold and a protracted case of the canny be bothereds, this still makes me laugh:

Yep, in their press release relating to regulations laid in parliament which will improve the labelling of Scotch Whisky, Jim Murphy's full time press officer, working for a part-time department, has managed to mis-spell the word whisky.

'On the rocks', 'spelling disaster for the industry', 'lacking spirit' - insert your own jokes here...


Cruachan said...

all good fun for a Friday afternoon, but we can think of more important things to criticise Murphy for.

Davin said...

Well, actually, Secretary of State Murphy did not really spell whiskey incorrectly. Although you never see the 'e' spelling on bottles of Scotch, to my knowledge that is still the legal spelling in Scotland according to the Scotch Whiskey Order.

Davin said...

Gee- looks like the 1990 update of the SWO used the no-e spelling.