Friday, September 04, 2009

Overnight Rain

The road into Inverurie this morning at Uryside. This is normally a field...


Dramfineday said...

Good job we drink whisky and beer than - it'll help use the surplus water up!:-) By the way, the local council has just announced that hose pipe ban is off.

Liberal for Life said...

Hello Richard,
you should have seen the flooding around Strichen as well last Friday am. Fortunately it wasn't quite up to you great leaders door this time around.

PS I see you won the bottle of fine Aberlour I donated - it lasted well surviving New Deer, Turra, and Fetterangus (don't think Eilidh tried it though even though I had a go at the SNP tombola that day) and at least you personally can testify we LibDems are an honest lot and do indeed put the key in from the beginning of the day.

Richard Thomson said...

Hello Galen,

I always like to have a shot on the other party stalls at the various shows and have a blether. And yes, although it wasn't my intention to deprive you of a bottle of malt, I'm delighted to be able to testify that the Lib Dems are indeed an honest lot when it comes to your whisky contests.

I did like Nora Radcliffe's comment immediately afterwards, when she said that you'd all be happy providing that was the only luck I had. Anyway, I still think it has to go down as another famous SNP gain from the Liberals in Gordon ;-)



Roland Hulme said...

Ah, the good old British weather. How I've missed it.

I love Dramfineday's comment about the hosepipe ban!