Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gordon SNP Facebook Group

It's been a week with too many distractions for blogging. However, just to reassure you that I've not been slacking in any way, here's a couple of links to show that my eye has simply been on some other more important things.

There'll be more from me on Labour's Ellon Academy related shenanigans later, but I've embargoed that post until the morning. In the meantime, please feel free to head over to my new-ish Facebook Group: Elect Richard as Gordon's Next MP. Sign up as a member, and you too can be in the vanguard of helping the SNP meet its 20 MP target :-)


virginia said...

Nice to see this Facebook group, I like the social networking you're doing. Are you on Twitter too?

Richard Thomson said...

Hey Virginia :-) How are you?

I don't Twitter, mainly for the reason that I don't really 'get it'... and the fact that it'll just be another distraction during the day.

I'm prepared to be educated, but Facebook status updates do me fine whenever I feel the need to share a couple of hundred characters with the world about what I'm up to!