Friday, September 12, 2008

Comment Moderation

Has been turned on. I'm doing this as a temporary measure, because quite simply, I wish to close the debate on the post below.

It's not something I'd ordinarily be comfortable doing. However, people have expressed their views, and frankly, given one of the comments left already, I can only see matters deteriorating from there.

Apologies to Scottish Unionist (whom I'm sure would like to continue in his usual civilised manner), but this one's run its course. Normal commenting policy will recommence in due course.


Math Campbell said...

Moderation is appropriate sometimes.

I don't think anyone will be calling for your demise on the back of it, esp. if it's only temporary.

Oh, and a quick plug for my new blog: and I wanted to say I've added you to by blog roll, hope you don't mind, say if you do...

Richard Thomson said...

Not at all, Math. Will get your link added somethime tonight hopefully.