Thursday, May 29, 2008


Please read this - not only is it a hoot, it really tells you all you need to know right now about the integrity of Scottish Labour's spin operation, the woeful standard of their research and the sheer contempt in which they appear to hold our collective intelligence.


Jeff said...

I don't know, maybe i'm in a benevolent mood but I can well imagine (and have heard first hand) that there's some genuine concern with the lack of ring-fencing.

I think it is certain council's resistance to change that is the issue rather than anything untoward from the SNP (of course). And there's always going to be funding shortfalls when the local public is as demanding as ever.

So I daresay there's plenty of truth in it, it's an amusing story and a fascinating account of how news stories are created (given my ignorance in the area) but maybe you built it up too much as, well, I was hoping for more "contempt" from the Labout spin machine.

Richard Thomson said...

I've got a friend who works for a central belt council which shall remain nameless. He's been bumping his gums about the ending of ring-fencing (with varying degrees of accuracy, it must be said) for months now. It's been the end of the world, his project was ruined, no-one in government gives a damn etc etc etc, but after all that, he's still in post delivering the services he's always delivered. Funnily, he doesn't like it when the difference between his complaints and the reality is pointed out to him a few months down the line :-)

It's inevitable that a change to a system of funding is going to cause concern amongst those most likely to be affected (like those employed on projects), but 7 'councils' asking for ring fencing to return? Given the favourable response to the concordat from council leaders and senior officials, I very much doubt it, I have to say.

Maybe I did build it up a wee bit, but if it's more contempt you're after, I daresay it'll only be a matter of time ;-)