Sunday, March 04, 2007

And As If By Magic...

Once more, Holyroodbelle is first off the mark with a sneak preview of Labour's latest campaign poster :-)


Ewan Watt said...

So, the SNP have no ideas and nothing good to say? And you're using an old Tory poster to articulate that?

I've never voted SNP in my life, but the one thing I have been surprised about is their campaign - it's positive. I've spoken with a lot of friends in the Labour Party and they're going to keep doing the same thing: warning people about independence. Since when was that positive?

Richard Thomson said...

Hi Ewan,

I'm an SNP supporter. The last thing I'm doing here is taking a shot at my own side!

One of the worst bits of negative political campaigning in my lifetime was the Tory 'Demon Eyes' poster. I suggest in the previous post that Labour are in much the same place with their anti-SNP campaign as the Tories were relative to Labour in 1997.

Someone else read the post and was inspired, if that's the word, to knock up the spoof 'Labour' poster of Alex Salmond with the demon eyes I'd described. I like it, so that's why its there - highlighting Labour's awful campaign to date.

For what it's worth, I can't remember a more positive SNP campaign than this in my 12 1/2 yrs as a member. Long may it continue, the occasional blog-based piss take aside :-)