Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ewan, Who Else?

New Embra Cooncil leader Ewan Aitken is telling porky pies about the SNP in today's Herald, accusing us of hypocrisy over calling for the Edinburgh Airport Rail Link (EARL) to be scrapped in its current form. [See]

Sadly for Cllr Aitken, in the same newspaper, a Scottish Labour MP has blasted the EARL scheme as planned []. All of which leaves the capital's leader looking extremely foolish.

The simple fact is that Edinburgh Airport could have its rail link, and the rail network could have many millions of pounds more of investment, if the EARL project were to be reconfigured. Cllr. Aitken's hysterical attempts at spinning say less about the SNP, reflecting instead the utter panic in the Edinburgh Labour Party that they are about to be heaved out of office by voters fed up with their wasteful and ineffective policies.

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